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Walter Lewis passed away on May 7, 2016.   Walter and his wife Linda were two very close friends of Dick and Jody's for many, many years.   Even those that didn't have the pleasure of knowing Walter felt like they did after Dick and Jody told many wonderful stories about him and their warm and loving family.   After losing Dick and Jody almost exactly a year prior, Walt and Linda have supported The Dick and Jody Vilardo Foundation and the Vilardo family every step of the way. 
Linda and their children have graciously asked that in leiu of flowers, donations can be made to The Dick and Jody Vilardo Foundation.    We are honored and forever grateful.  
Donations can be made online by clicking the "donate" button to the left and writing "In memory of Walter Lewis" , or checks can be mailed directly to:
The Dick and Jody Vilardo Foundation
In memory of Walter Lewis
PO Box 544
Olney, MD  20830    
"Friends are family, and family is everything."  
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