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Our Mission

"We envision communities that treasure families, learning, and nature." 

Our Vision

In the spirit of Dick and Jody our vision is to inspire individuals and organizations to give back to their communities by contributing their time, talents and resources though initiatives that treasure families, learning, and nature. 

Our Values
  • Inspiration.  We will continually be inspired by the generosity and caring Dick and Jody demonstrated each and every day

  • Loyalty.  We will be a good friend to those in need, providing our support, not only in terms of our resources, but our time and our talents.

  • Integrity.  We will be ethical.  We will act with personal and professional integrity in all that we do.

  • Compassion.  We will have compassion and empathy for others. It will be our guiding force.

  • Excellence.  We will strive to do our best in all that we endeavor.

  • Stewardship.  We will be good stewards of our environment.  We will appreciate nature and respect the earth.

  • Innovation.  We will commit to keep learning and growing.

We Are Proud to Support

From promoting volunteerism to financial contributions, we are proud to partner with organizations that align with our mission, vision and values. To learn more about our work with each organization below, please click on the logo.



           The Dick and Jody Vilardo Foundation was created in memory of Richard "Dick" Vilardo and Julianne "Jody" Humphreys Vilardo in the Fall of 2015.  Both Dick and Jody lost their lives as a result of a horrific crime committed in their home on Mothers Day, May 10, 2015 .  Their deaths left so many friends and family devastated.  Dick and Jody were both very passionate about helping others, friends, family, and strangers alike. Through our grief we knew that we had to keep their legacies alive by helping others just as they did throughout their lives.  The Vilardo Foundation hopes to continue their philanthropic outlook. 

              Our focus is on community and giving back to those in need.  For Christmas in 2011, Jody gave Louis a "grandparents journal" that she filled out with information on her life.  At the end she included "words of wisdom" to guide him as he grows.  A Board Member and close friend of Jody's suggested The Vilardo Foundation looks to these "words of wisdom" to guide us as well.

         How can you help?  Click here to donate, or click here to volunteer. 

Our Story
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